Discussion#2_210508_Amazon One : Palm scanner launched for secure payments

We are discussing about “Amazon One : Palm scanner launched for secure payments”


Amazon has released a system called Amazon One as trial.
People can pay by their palm and pass through gates by them.

Amazon says this system can be used for many ways such as any type of payments, stadium gates, working place’s ID etc…

Palm scanner is not newer technology.

Level of security of palm scanner is almost same as finger print.
But it is more practical because you can use it at the distance of few inches.

They say it has much security compared with other way of scanning.

Silkie Carlo says below.
1.Amazon always solve the non-existence problems.
2.Any people should not buy any products or receive any services with biometric data because you will be tracked and your ID will be showed easily.

On the other hand, Amazon says they are going to secure people’s security with encryption.


What do you think about Amazon One?
①I do not like it because it is future technology and there must be many defects in Amazon One.
Someone who steel our ID (palm etc…) might use it for other way. 
②We have to accept it. these kind of technology will be getting to be useful and  be normal in decades.


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