Discussion#1_210504_Is extreme working culture worth the big rewards?

We are discussing about “Is extreme working culture worth the big rewards?” today 210504.


1-1.There is no summer vacation nor just 9am to 5pm shift as long as working in the  leading edge company in the finance and consulting industry.

1-2.You can not match the goal of our expects and result of the work even we work too much longer.

1-3.The expansion of a company and the amount of labor are proportional.

1-4.Senior workers tend not to work so much and they always rely on younger workers. So  rate of productivity is getting worse.

2.Boot camp mentality by William D Cohan.

3-1.You can grow up by messing up over and over by Bill Keenan.

3-2.You need to get over the difficulty if you would like to get the massive achivements.

3-3.We are living in the grin and bear it culture. And We shift to work from home because of recent pandemic, it is getting hard to get over the difficulty more.

3-4.Even any freshmen who have various thought enter the company, they are getting used to work in there and change nothing.

3-5.we have need to change the working culture as soon as possible.

4.Would you like to overwork?

4-1.I am sure you will get massive achievements if you choose overwork if you can get over the difficulty.

4-2.Bill Keenan is now working in the different industry after working in the bank with hard work for two years.

4-3.He would have chosen to try it over if he knew he could be happy to be.


1.All participants say they would not like to work. Reasons are below.
①No extra income when I work in a current company.
②I would like to learn something else instead.

2.Do you think all people who overwork so hard will get rewards?
①I do not think so. Just quite fewer percent of people will get it.
②I agree with ①.

3.Would you like to work in other country?
①I can not afford to make a risk to work for income.
②I am sure I will try to work in other country if I have a chance.
⊕Everyone has their own background. So it depends on people that they will stay in the same situation or move to different steps.

4.Would you like to overwork to be a rich dad? or would you accept you would be a poor dad?
①I think so.
②It is not going to be almost the same quantity of wages as long as working in company. We should be a owner of company if we seriously would like to be rich.

5.Everything has changed under the pandemic.
They started working from home and getting used to doing it.
Many of them faced fired from their company, got much strength of moving to other company.

6. Our generation will not be able to change its overwork culture.
Maybe next generation(teens) will change it.